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Compatible Sony VAIO VGN-N Battery

  • SKU: SY04-1997
  • UPC: 842740016206
Quality components Sony VAIO VGN-N Battery
Compatible Sony VAIO VGN-N Battery rated at 11.1V, 48WHr, 4400mAh, 6-Cell Li-ion. Replacement battery is guaranteed to be 100% compatible with original Sony VAIO VGN-N battery specifications. Compatible with Sony VGN-N110G, VGN-N110G/W, VGN-N120G, VGN-N120G/W, VGN-N130G, VGN-N130G/B, VGN-N130G/W, VGN-N130P, VGN-N130P/B, VGN-N130QG, VGN-N150G, VGN-N150P, VGN-N160G, VGN-N160G/W, VGN-N170G, VGN-N170G/T, VGN-N170G/W, VGN-N220E, VGN-N220E/B, VGN-N220E/W, VGN-N230E, VGN-N230E/B, VGN-N230E/T, VGN-N230E/W, VGN-N230N, VGN-N230N/B, VGN-N250E, VGN-N250E/B, VGN-N250E/W, VGN-N250N, VGN-N250N/B, VGN-N250QE, VGN-N270E, VGN-N270E/T, VGN-N270E/W, VGN-N320E, VGN-N320E/B, VGN-N320E/W, VGN-N325E, VGN-N325E/B, VGN-N325E/W, VGN-N325QE, VGN-N330N, VGN-N330N/B, VGN-N350E, VGN-N350E/B, VGN-N350E/T, VGN-N350E/W, VGN-N350N, VGN-N350N/B, VGN-N365E, VGN-N365E/B, VGN-N370E, VGN-N370E/T, VGN-N370E/W, VGN-N385E, VGN-N385E/B, VGN-N385E/W, VGN-N385N, VGN-N385QE, VGN-N395E, VGN-N395E/B, VGN-N395E/W.

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